Take Care of Yourself

1. What does “tuition” mean?

a) the money you pay to live in an apartment

b) the money someone pays you to work for them 

c) the money you pay to a university to study there

d) the money a university gives you to help you study

2. What does “grumpy” mean?

a) upset and irritable 

b) confused

c) energetic

d) tired

3. What does “healthy” mean?

a) good for your body

b) good for your emotional state

c) good for your mental state

d) all of the above 

Grammar Questions

1. She decides to walk to class.

a) to walk

b) walking

c) walk

d) walked

2. Valerie keeps getting sick.

a) having

b) getting

c) being

d) doing

3. She is so much happier when she arrives.

a) happy

b) happiest

c) more happy

d) happier

Comprehension Questions

1. Why does Valerie always feel frustrated and irritable?

Valerie always feels frustrated and irritable because she does not do any physical exercises and she rarely eats home made food. Valerie does not sleep very much too because she studies and prepares her assignments after dinner that’s why she feels grumpy when she wakes up in the morning.

2. What healthy changes does Valerie make in her life?

Valerie decides to make some big changes, First, she learns how make some easy, healthy recipes, by preparing her food herself, and the foods tastes much better too! Valerie goes to bed early every night. Now she really feels refreshed in the morning.

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