English homework

  1. What type of bird dose the text mention? budgies
  2. What are the four most popular pets in the world? fish, dog, cat, birds.
  3. Where have people got crickets aspets? China and Japan.
  4. Where have people got baby seals as pets? in northen canada
  5. Do hissing cockroaches bite? no they dont bite.
  6. What have kangaroos and sugar gliders both got? marsupials What pets are popular in your country? in my country dogs are the most popular pet in mycountry.

A. My sister is 12 years old she likes baskatball guitar and swimming, her eyes are brown and her hair is blond.

B. My BFF is 11 years old she likes to play piano and she likes to dance, her eyes are brown and her hair is also brown.

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